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What Our Awards Customers are saying

My order was used to place on my father inlaws picture and on two plaques of the island of Kalymnos, Greece
My father in law spent all his life helping the disabled and orphan children that lived on this island. He helped organize a non profit organization here in New york and would send money to them on a monthly basis. His motto was that the children should not suffer.
The plaques and photos were dedicated to the Kalymnos Society here in New York in memory of my father in law.
Thank you for your interest.
Irene Nistazos

Just wanted to let you know I received my plate and you guys just did great we are very pleased thanks so much for fast ship will be back for next years plate Thanks again Connie Morgensen

Thank you for the great service. I sure will keep you mind and I will share your information with my friends. Kimberlee Howell

Thanks, so much, for your platinum-level customer service and product're AWESOME!!

You'll definitely see me coming back, again and again, for all my engraving needs.

Happy holidays to you and your's!

Carla Grantham

Humorous Awards

Humorous AwardsNot every thing is serious. Sometimes we need to give an award that will crack a smile on your face as well as the honoree. One example, in a lawyer's office, one lawyer, when business was slow, always said, "I should of been a carpenter." The staff went a bought a hammer and had it engraved. The next time he uttered, "I should of been a carpenter." he was awarded the hammer. Yes, we engraved the hammer. Think of what is going on in your work place that would warrent a humorous award.

Humorous Award Wording

Your mission in life is to harass.

We love your winning smile and your fresh, clean scent from a shower with Dial.

We worked with you side by side - looked to you as our guide. i guess you could say, we shared the Maalox moment.

The next time when you're counting scores, don't bend over unless your're wearing drawers.

We have no one else to blame, so we decided on you.

Havoc and mayhem have become your middle name. Who else but you could take all the blame.

We turned to you for a good yuk, but all you gave us was a couple of bucks.

All that glitters is only broken glass. Yet each sparkle reminds us of you - cracked.

The road's been long. The road's been tough. You could've helped, if you just got off your duff.

Good riddance. Your meager congtribution to our project has been like one grain of sand on the Beach of Life.

Will be miss you? You bet your bippy, because no one else is so downright dippy.

Victory finds a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan. O.K., we'll adopt you.

Never deal with a monkey when the orgran grinder is in the room.

You have an uncanny way of pulling everyone together, strong and united in one voice - against you.


Quotes on Humorous Awards

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger.
John Belushi

A joke is a very serious thing.
Winston Churchill

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road.
Henry Ward Beecher

A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.
Megnon McLaughlin

A sense of humor is the ability to understand a joke - and that the joke is oneself.
Clifton Paul Fadiman

A sense of humor... is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.
Hugh Sidey

A taste for irony has kept more hearts from breaking than a sense of humor, for it takes irony to appreciate the joke which is on oneself.
Jessamyn West

A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.
William Arthur Ward

Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.
E.B. White

Comedy has to be based on truth. You take the truth and you put a little curlicue at the end.
Sid Caesar

Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.
Peter Ustinov


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