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What Our Awards Customers are saying

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This video is Bill Young, CEO of Plastipak. He has been a customer for over 20 years doing awards and corporate gifts.

My order was used to place on my father inlaws picture and on two plaques of the island of Kalymnos, Greece
My father in law spent all his life helping the disabled and orphan children that lived on this island. He helped organize a non profit organization here in New york and would send money to them on a monthly basis. His motto was that the children should not suffer.
The plaques and photos were dedicated to the Kalymnos Society here in New York in memory of my father in law.
Thank you for your interest.
Irene Nistazos

Just wanted to let you know I received my plate and you guys just did great we are very pleased thanks so much for fast ship will be back for next years plate Thanks again Connie Morgensen

Thank you for the great service. I sure will keep you mind and I will share your information with my friends. Kimberlee Howell

Thanks, so much, for your platinum-level customer service and product're AWESOME!!

You'll definitely see me coming back, again and again, for all my engraving needs.

Happy holidays to you and your's!

Carla Grantham

U da MAN! Thank you, so very much, for your responsiveness and adaptation to my special request. I look forward to receiving the plate.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Butch Williams

You are great! I will remember your business when I have needs related to engraving. Top Notch. Thanks, Nina Whitcanack

Awards - How to Design

This award's store is all about helping you have the perfect Award - rather if it is a plaque, acrylic or crystal award. Basic principles apply.

Awards winner's name

It's all about the winner of the Award. The whole point is to recognize the winner of his or her accomplisments. The largest engraving should be the name of the winner. You want the winner's name toward the top of the award.

Why Award is Given

After the name, the award needs to say why the award is being given to this individual. It is important to make a list of his/her accomplisments and work it into the copy. If there is a long list, you can make bullet points of each accomplishment. Most of the time, you just work the accomplishments into the copy. This engraving is usually the smallest engraving on the award.

Who is Giving the Award

The next part of the award is who is giving the award. Is it from an individual or from and organition? This engraving is the second largest engraving on the award.

Date on the Award

Towards the bottom of the award you want to engrave the date. The big question is to engrave a specific date, Month Year, or just the year. If the award is event driven, you want a specific date. If the award is given monthly, then Month and Year. If the award is given for the past year, just engraving the year.

Quotes on Awards

Something that adds a lot of class to an award is engraving a quote that reflects the award being given or of the winner of the award. You will find approiate quotations for all types of awards listed on the top left side of this page.

Logos on Awards

The company and organization giving the award all have logos. On awards we usually engraving the logo at the very top of the award. Sometimes, there are multiple logos that need to be engraved. Multiple logos are usually engraved at the bottom.

Signatures on Awards

Another touch of class, is having the president's signature engraved on the award. Here are some steps to prepare to have a signature engraved on a plaque. Have the president write his/her signature on plain white paper several times using a medium black ball point pen. Review the signatures and pick the one that you like best.

Traditional Awards Lay-out


Winner's Name

Copy on why person won the award

Who is giving the Award


Quotation (optional)

The neat thing is, you don't have the follow this suggested lay-out exactly. It's OK to do your own thing. This is only to help you get all the basics on the award you are presenting.

Rex M. Tubbs, CRM
Engraving Connection